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Concealed Handgun License

Concealed Handgun Licenses (CHL) are available from the Sheriff and are effective for four years.

To see the requirements for obtaining a CHL and determine if you qualify please read the Concealed Handgun ORS

To apply, fill out the application and return it to our office. This form is a fill-able form but you will still need to print if off and bring it to our office to complete the application process. This form will help us perform the required background checks. At the time you apply we will also fingerprint you and take the photo for your permit. State law requires that applicants be 21 years of age, U.S. citizens, and residents of Union County. Further, you cannot be a convicted felon, have no misdemeanors in the past four years, and not be a respondent in a restraining or stalking order. The fees due at that time are:

*$65 to the Union County Sheriff

    • (This covers the costs of your background investigation, processing the application and processing the fingerprints required by state law)

At the time of application you must be able to demonstrate competency by any of the several methods provided by law. Generally this is completion of any NRA firearms safety or training course or other accredited handgun safety course. The Sheriff Reserves sponsor a class from time to time, and the office maintains a list of prospective students. To see a list of qualified instructors in our area follow this link Concealed Handgun Class Instructors.

Although state law allows for up to 45 days to complete the permit process, we try to clear permit applications in a few weeks. You will receive your new permit in the mail.


Out of State Concealed Handgun Licenses

We get many inquiries from residents of Washington and Idaho about obtaining an Oregon Concealed Handgun License.

Oregon law does allow us to issue a permit to residents of contiguous states. It states;” The Sheriff may waive the residency requirement in subsection (1)(c) of this section for a resident of a contiguous state who has a compelling business interest or other legitimate demonstrated need”. This means you must own a business or property in Union County or have family members in this county that you visit frequently.

If you meet those criteria and all other requirements of Oregon Concealed Handgun law you may e-mail Sheriff Rasmussen at and request that he allow you to apply for an Oregon Concealed Handgun license through our county. Once you have his permission, print off the e-mail and bring it to the Sheriff’s Office, along with your proof that you’ve had a handgun safety course and two pieces of ID, one of which must be a picture ID, preferably a driver’s license. You can also follow this link to our CHL application and fill it out prior to coming to our office. We take CHL applications Monday-Friday between the hours of 8-4:30. We are closed for lunch from 11-noon. We are also closed on weekends and holidays.



It’s important to renew your expiring concealed weapon permit within 45 days of expiration. Renewals are $50, and are good for four years. Please follow this link to the CHL Renewal Application.

We will send you a postcard shortly before your permit expiration to allow plenty of time for renewal.


Your should notify us promptly of a change of address for your concealed weapon permit. The cost for this change of address is $15 if you are changing your address in Union County. If you move to Union County from another county you must be fingerprinted and the fee is $30; $15 for the address change and $15 to process the fingerprints. Please follow this link to the CHL Change of Address application.