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Inmate Commissary

Inmates can purchase envelopes, stamps, shampoo, candy and many other items through the commissary system.

If an inmate asks you to put “money on his book” so he can make commissary purchases there are several ways you can do it;

You can MAIL in a money order or cash.  We highly recommend that you don’t send cash through the mail. Personal checks are not accepted.

If you want to use a credit card you can use the Internet and  go to   Or you can call Smart Deposit at 866-394-0490. You will need to go to the jail roster on our website to get the inmate’s number to enter as the Resident Booking Number.

There is also a kiosk in our visitation lobby so you can use a credit card or cash to put money on an inmate’s books.

Corrections staff CANNOT take cash or money orders over the counter for an inmate.