The Union County Sheriff’s Office mission is to provide
Professional Law Enforcement
Service with Honesty, Excellence, Respect, Integrity, Firmness,  Fairness
and with Compassion and Valor to the citizens of Union County!

Sheriff Boyd Rasmussen

Sheriff Boyd Rasmussen

As Sheriff we welcome you to Union County and all it has to offer citizens.  If you live here or are thinking about visiting we hope you enjoy our beautiful County and feel safe here.  We have a fully functioning patrol staff to handle all varieties of emergency and non-emergency calls for service.  Our Search and Rescue Unit is a very active and highly trained organization of volunteer citizens, which we call on frequently to assist those in need.  We utilize Reserve Patrol and Correctional Deputies to assist our full-time Staff.  We invite you to apply for our programs if you have an interest in Law Enforcement.

The County Commissioners feel that Law Enforcement is an important part of a safe, livable county and have supported our efforts by allowing us the funding needed to have well trained, equipped, and professional Deputies.  We work closely with and appreciate the efforts of our partnering agencies, the La Grande Police Department and the Oregon State Police.  Again, thank you for your support of the Sheriff’s Office and we will always work hard and diligently on your behalf.

Starting July 1st 1st Oregon’s Distracted Driving Law will change. The penalties for using and kind of electronic device while driving will increase dramatically and may include jail time for repeat offenders.  For more information visit the ODOT Distracted Driving website

Scam Alert!!! Union County residents are still receiving scam phone calls from a variety of sources. Some are claiming the person owes the IRS money. Other frequent scam calls tell the person their Social Security Account is being locked or they’ve won money in a contest or a child or grandchild is in jail or injured and needs money ASAP. These are all scams!! DO NOT give them any information, simply hang up.

One of the newer, and evil scams we’ve heard, of is a person will receive a phone call from what appears to be a family member’s phone. When you answer the call the person on the other end will tell you they have kidnapped the family member whose phone number they are calling from. There may even be screaming and yelling in the background. DO NOT PANIC!!! Ask to speak to your family member or, if possible, have another person call that family member on another phone. DO NOT send any money, or ITunes cards, or pre-paid VISA cards! DO NOT give the caller any personal information. It is best to simply hang up.

If you would like to file a complaint call the Oregon Department of Justice at 877-877-9392 or visit their website at www.oregonconsumer.gov. Unfortunately there is nothing local law enforcement can do to assist you because these calls do not originate in Union County.

Job Openings:

We are currently accepting applications for Reserve Corrections Deputies. Please check under the employment tab for more information. Closing date will be August 30, 2019

Coming Events

The Sheriff’s Office will be hosting a Concealed Weapons Class on Saturday, September 14, 2019 at the Sheriff’s Office, 1109 K Avenue, La Grande. This class meets the requirement to get an Oregon Concealed Permit. The cost of the class is $50. Pre-registration is required and can be done by calling the Sheriff’s Office at (541) 963-1017 and selecting option #2 or emailing Shari Shaffer at sshaffer@union-county.org.

Grande Ronde Valley from Indian Rock


Contacting the Marine Deputy

To contact Deputy Tad Butcher, the Marine Deputy, during the months of September-May call 541 -963-1017 to leave a message. During the summer, May-August, he can be reached at 541-786-1054 or you can leave a message at 541-963-1017. He can also be contact by email at tbutcher@union-county.org.

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Scam Alert

Many residents of Union County are receiving scam calls claiming they owe the IRS money.  Please understand this is a scam, the IRS would not call you about your taxes. DO NOT give them any information, simply hang up. Unfortunately there is nothing local law enforcement can do. The scammers are not located in Union …

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Boat Registration

You can now get your boat registration at the Sheriff’s Office. We have gotten the materials from the Marine Board and are ready to go. Hours for registration are Monday-Friday from 8-5.

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Fillable PDF Forms

All of the forms on our web site are now fill-able PDFs. Most forms you can fill them out on line, save them and e-mail them to us. Some, like gun permits and job applications, you can fill out on line but then will need to print them out to sign them.

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