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Parent Aid Drug Testing Program


Do you suspect that your son or daughter is using drugs?

Now there is help! In December 2000 the Parent Aid program received a big boost from the media and law enforcement. The program offered certification, for collecting and reading a urinalysis, to officers all over Oregon. They supplied those officers with the tools and training to help parents and kids start to deal with a drug abuse problem.

Too many kids are losing their childhood to drug abuse. In drug abuse situations, time can mean the difference between broken lives and new hope. The average parent of a drug-abusing child discovers the drug abuse two years after the child’s first encounter. This is why the Oregon Association Chiefs of Police, the Oregon State Sheriff’s Association and the Oregon State Police are partnering to launch the Parent Aid program in fifteen communities throughout Oregon.

Parent Aid is a simple and confidential urinalysis drug-testing program that will help parents identify drug abuse problems in their children. The test is free of charge for a parent of any child under eighteen years of age. It is administered in complete confidence by a certified law enforcement official.

The sheriff’s office keeps no information about the test and when a result is positive the parent and the child are given information regarding community support services and drug treatment programs.

If you have any questions about the Parent Aid Program call 963-1017 Monday thru Friday.