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The Union County Sheriff’s Office has a new program they will be teaching in the schools this year to teach kids about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. B.E.S.T  stands for Be Aware, Evaluate, Stand up/SpeakUp, Talk to your team. The program also promotes the message, “Becoming the BEST version of ME!” 

B.E.S.T. Instructor Deputy Tony Humphries

B.E.S.T is a collabrative effort from School Resource Deputy Justin Hernandez, Central Elementary Counselor Teresa Dowdy and School District Assistant Superintendent Scott Carpenter. The seven-week program will be taught to 5th graders in Union County twice a week by Deputy Hernandez and Deputy Humphries

The program will address alcohol, smoking/vaping, marijuana and legal and illegal drugs. Students will learn how to respond to peer pressure, develop strategies for resistance and learn how to make good decisions. When the program is completed students can sign a pledge to be drug free and there will be a graduation ceremony                                                            that parents and families can attend.