CHL Out of State Residents

Out of State Applicants 

MUST live (own, lease, rent property) in either Washington, Idaho, Nevada or California to qualify.  You must also be a United States citizen, born or naturalized, to qualify for a residency waiver.

This page is for applicants that live outside of Union County.  If you are a Union County Resident (own, lease, rent property) click here.

The Union County Sheriff’s Office requires out of state residents wishing to apply for, or renew, a Union County Concealed Handgun License (CHL) to fill out the below “CHL Residency Waiver” and be approved before scheduling an appointment.  Each waiver is reviewed by Sheriff Bowen or his designee.  The applicant will receive an emailed response within three weeks indicating whether request has been approved or denied.  If the request has been approved, applicant will receive an email link to schedule an appointment.  If the request was denied, applicant will be provided with the reason.  Denied applicants may submit another waiver for review.

Contact Union County Sheriff’s Office CHL Unit at (541)963-1017 or with any questions.


NOTICE:  Submitting this form indicates applicant is requesting a “waiver of residency requirements” from the Union County Sheriff’s Office for an Oregon Concealed Handgun License (CHL).  Applicants understand issuance of a CHL to a non-resident applicant is at the discretion of the Sheriff.  Please complete the below questionnaire.  The Sheriff is under no obligation to grant a residency waiver request and reserves the right to deny the request to any out of state applicant.

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If Yes, the remainder of this form is not required but you must provide proof of ownership/residency at time of appointment. If you answered no, please continue to next question.
If Yes, the remainder of this form is not required but If Yes, proceed to next question. If you answered No, you will not qualify under Oregon Law.
If Yes, you must provide proof at time of appointment. Please continue to next question. If No, you do not meet our agency requirements and will not be issued a permit through Union County.
One word responses and locations that are outside of Union County will not be accepted. (put n/a if not applicable.)
You must list names/places/addresses that you visit in Union County and how many times per year you visit. Traveling from one end of the county to the other does not constitute a demonstrated need. *One word responses and locations that are outside of Union County will not be accepted.*
This could be for personal, family safety, etc. Explain in detail. One word responses will not be accepted.