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We welcome visitations by prior appointment on the following days and times:

Monday – No Visitation

Tuesday – Males 2:00-3:00, females 3:30-4:00

Wednesday No Visitation

Thursday – Males 2:00-3:00, females 3:30-4:00

Friday – No Visitation

Saturday – Males 1:30-3:00, females 3:30-4:00

Sunday – No Visitation

To schedule a visit call (541) 963-1020 between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. on the day of the visit. For Saturday visits you can call on Friday to make an appointment. Appointments will not be scheduled prior to 9:00am.

We do allow visitation appointments on holidays when the holiday falls on a regular visitation day. To make an appointment call on the day of the visit as you would for regular visitation.

Visits are non-contact and our staff cannot take commissary money, personal property, mail, messages, or any other items over the counter for delivery to an inmate.


All visitors and inmates will be required to observe the following general rules during visitation.

  1. A maximum of one adult and two children will be permitted to visit an inmate at any one time. Children visiting inmates must be deemed age appropriate by the parent or guardian accompanying the child. Where a dispute over children visiting occurs between the inmate and the parent or legal guardian, the inmate will be advised to use the court for resolution. Adults must control minors while they are waiting to visit and during the visit.
  2. An inmate may refuse to visit with a particular individual.
  3. Those inmates who are named as the restrained person in any restraining or other valid court order shall not be allowed visits from persons who are protected by the order.
  4. Visitors must be appropriately attired prior to entry into the visitor’s area of the facility.
  5. Inappropriate clothing, such as transparent clothing, halter tops, excessively tight or revealing clothing, hats and bandanas or any other clothes associated with a criminal gang or otherwise deemed by the staff to be unacceptable, will not be permitted.
  6. All visitors must have footwear.
  7. Visitors will leave all personal items, with the exception of car keys and identification, outside of the secure area. Visitors who enter the facility with handbags, packages or other personal items will be instructed to lock the items in a vehicle or locker or return at another time without the items. The facility is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  8. Food or drink is not permitted in the visitor’s area.



Visitation may be denied or terminated by a supervisor if the visitor poses a danger to the security of the facility or there is other good cause, including, but not limited to, the following:

  1. The visitor appears to be under the influence of drugs and/or alcoholic beverages.
  2. The visitor refuses to submit to being searched.
  3. The visitor or inmate violates facility rules or posted visiting rules.
  4. The visitor fails to supervise and maintain control of any minors accompanying him/her into the facility.
  5. Visitors attempting to enter this facility with contraband will be denied a visit and may face criminal charges.
  6. Anyone who assists, conspires or otherwise participates in planning an escape or attempted

Denied and/or revoked visitors who wish to appeal the denial shall be directed to the front counter where they can submit a written complaint or speak directly with the Corrections Lieutenant.


Video visits will be available at the following times:

Monday-Friday: 7:00am to 11:00am & 2:00pm to 4:30pm.

Saturday-Sunday: 7:00am to 11:00am

Each time slot is 30 minutes in length.

Inmate Kiosk Rules and Regulations.

  1. Inmates in segregation or on disciplinary status will not be allowed to schedule Video Visits.
  2. While the kiosk is in use, no other Inmates are allowed to loiter or interfere with the visit.
  3. Inmates must wear the county issued uniform during their visit.
  4. Inmates must not coerce, threaten or encourage a visitor to commit a kiosk rule violation.
  5. If after moving to another unit there is two inmates with a visit scheduled at the same time, the individual who moved onto the unit will have to reschedule their time of visit

  Visitor Kiosk Rules and Regulations.

  1. Anyone under the age of 18 will need to be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian, and will also need to be approved through the shift supervisor.
  2. No inappropriate wear, such as transparent clothing, halter tops, excessively tight or revealing clothing.
  3. No display of nudity or actions in a sexual nature.
  4. No use or display of weapons, drugs, alcohol, drug paraphernalia, including marijuana.
  5. No unlawful activity.
  6. Operating a motor vehicle while visiting is prohibited.
  7. Visitors must not coerce, threaten or encourage an Inmate to commit a kiosk rule violation.
  8. Allowing a visitor who is not approved to participate may result in loss of visitation privileges.

No visitor will be allowed to visit if they; Have an outstanding warrant, or would be in violation with a court order.

Denied and/or revoked visitors who wish to appeal the denial shall be directed to the front counter where they can submit a written complaint or speak directly with the Corrections Lieutenant.

To start:

  1. Friends and family members must request a Visitation online at
  2. The Visitation Request must be approved by the jail.
  3. You will see approved Visitation Requests on your Calendar and on the Visitation screen.
  4. At the time of your visitation, log onto the kiosk and click on “Visitation”
    1. From the list of approved visitations, click on the start button.
    2. Once your contact is online, click on the contact to place a call.