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Lost Pets

f your pet becomes lost, don’t give up! Pets have been returned to their owner’s weeks and months after being lost. Call Animal Control at 963-1017 and the Animal Shelter at 963-0807 to report the loss. Put an ad in the paper. Put up posters in your neighborhood; talk to people at least 10 blocks around. Check at schools, parks and other places where people and pets go. Check with the vets. Check with the road department (in the case of a deceased animal). Go to the shelter and look at the impounded animals every other day.

Preventing a loss can be easier than looking for the lost pet. Make sure a collar with a license tag or ID tag is securely on the pet. Ask your vet about micro chipping or tattooing. Make sure your fence is secure and the gates latch tightly. Let caretakers know whom to call if the pets get lost.