The Union County Correctional Facility (UCCF) was opened in 1979 and houses a maximum of 37 inmates. Each year the facility averages 1,200 bookings with prisoners coming from the Union County Sheriff’s Office, La Grande Police Department, Oregon State Police and Union County Community Corrections.

UCCF also has two alternative sentencing programs; House Arrest and Work Crew.

The House Arrest Program requires a person to wear an ankle bracelet that sends out a signal to a monitoring company. The person is allowed certain “out of area” times for such event as going to work, attending  school, keeping appointments or doing necessary shopping,  Out of area signals that occur outside pre-approved times will result in the person being brought back to jail to complete their sentence. Newer GPS bracelets allow deputies to program exclusion zones.  If a person enters one of the exclusion zones the monitoring company is notified and the person will be brought back to jail.

To qualify for the House Arrest Program a person’s sentence order coming from the courts must allow for alternative sentencing. There is a $25 hook-up fee and there is  a daily fee that is based on the type of bracelet that is used.

The Work Crew Program is an alternative sentence that is included in a person’s sentence order from the court and is usually in lieu of jail time.  The work crew does various jobs including picking up trash, stacking firewood, shoveling snow, building or tearing down fence or clearing brush from roadways.

The Work Crew goes out Sunday-Wednesday.  Participants meet on the “L” Street side of the jail near the white van. The fee for work crew is $10 a day. There is no fee for people sentenced to work crew by Union County Community Corrections. Those on work crew must bring their own lunch and provide their own clothing suitable for the weather conditions.

People who do not complete their work crew days in the allotted time will be turned back to the courts and a warrant will be issued for their arrest.

To contact the jail by phone call (541) 963-1020. Listen to the phone tree and select the appropriate option. DO NOT CALL (541) 963-1017 FOR JAIL INFO. This is the law enforcement number and they do not have jail information.

For information on inmate services please follow the appropriate link:

Inmate Commissary

Inmate Visitation

Inmate Mail