The Union County Sheriff’s Office has a variety of programs to help them better serve the citizens of Union County:

Crime Prevention

No one wants to be a victim of crime. The feeling that you have been violated, no matter how minor the crime, is not a pleasant one. There are many things you as an individual can do to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of crime. Remember, a criminal will almost always take the easiest …

logo for DARE program

Programs For Kids

Reaching out to the youth of our county is very important to the Union County Sheriff’s Office. Deputies participate in safety fairs and bike rodeos throughout the year and are visible at many activities throughout the county involving children. We have an active DARE Program that can be found in almost all the schools throughout …

Unsolved Mysteries

If you believe that you might have information about an unsolved crime, contact us, and together we can bring justice to victims in our county.

Volunteer Opportunities

Whether it be job shadow, Search and Rescue or a position in our Patrol  Reserve Program, we would love to include you and benefit from your talents. Call our office to find out what exciting opportunities we currently have available.


The Union County Sheriff’s Office is very supportive of the young people in Union County who wish to pursue their college degree after high school.  To assist high school graduates in their pursuit of a degree the Sheriff’s Office offers 3 individual $500 scholarships to high school graduates  in Union County who wish to pursue …